Our goal is to have zero accidents.

North Nig Contracting Ltd. is committed to maintaining an outstanding Health, Safety and Environmental program that protects our employees, subcontractors, clients, the public and the environment.

Our objective is to have a Health and Safety Program that will reduce the number of injuries and illnesses to zero. To meet this objective, we maintain a Health and Safety Program that conforms to the best practices of companies of our type. Our program starts with the proper attitudes toward injury and illness prevention from top management and supervisors, which is passed on to employees and subcontractors. We are committed to preventing all accidents on and off the job.

Certificate of Recognition (COR) in safety

North Nig Contracting Ltd. obtained a COR in safety with the BCCSA and maintains positive ratings on ISNetworld, ComplyWorks and PICS. We strive every day to improve our safety by taking new initiatives, development, training, communication and instilling our safety values into our programs. We track the safety training of our employees and contractors and hold monthly safety meetings to ensure everyone is up to date on recent safety initiatives and customer safety requirements. Safety is paramount at North Nig Contracting Ltd.

As a service company, we meet or exceed all regulations, legislations and laws. Furthermore, we ensure our employees and subcontractors are informed, familiar with legislative regulations and client expectations and recognize their right and obligation to refuse unsafe work.

As part of our safety program, our fleet is equipped with the GPS tracking system GEOTrac.