Call North Nig Contracting Ltd for Oilfield Services in Northern British Columbia and Northern Alberta

North Nig Contracting Ltd is committed to continually serving the oil and gas sector of northern British Columbia and northern Alberta in an efficient and safe manner. We take great pride in providing cost-effective work and have the latest, well-maintained equipment that is backed by highly experienced and professional staff.

Call North Nig Contracting Ltd 24/7 for fluid hauling, vac and steamer services, Plant turnarounds, spill response and water sales.

  • Fluid Hauling
  • Our experienced and qualified drivers are fully trained in hazard recognition/assessment and safe driving practices that translates to providing safe work practices on the job. We have various tankers of all sizes to meet your fluid hauling needs. Our fluid hauling services include:

    • Hauling crude oil from wells to oil batteries
    • Hauling clean oil from wells and oil batteries to pipeline facilities
    • Hauling produced water from wells and oil batteries to disposal facilities
    • Hauling fresh water
    • Hauling chemicals such as methanol and acid
    • Hauling invert to and from drilling rigs
    • Providing various hauling services when needed

  • Vac, Steamer and Water Trucks
  • North Nig Contracting Ltd. provides a range of cost effective solutions to the safe clean-up, transfer and disposal of industrial fluids and wastes. Our modern and well-maintained fleet includes:

    • Straight tridem vacs
    • Combo vac tridem units
    • 2 Mil BTU Steamers
    • Tandem Water Trucks

    All of our units are well-equipped to handle almost any spill and our mobile steamers can address all your heating and washing needs along with the ability to thaw out frozen valves and lines. Our water trucks work hand-in-hand with our body vac units for all drilling rig and pipeline testing services. In addition, we provide service rig, well pad and plant clean ups.

    North Nig Contracting has the answer to your waste disposal issues with hourly or daily rates. Our brochure providing the full range of our services is also available for download.

  • Plant Turnarounds & Shutdowns
  • Plant turnarounds are one of the most crucial events in the routine operation of an oil or gas plant. Handled professional using the fluid hauling services of North Nig Contracting Ltd. will contribute towards keeping within the timeline together with the plant’s efficiency, safety and fiscal outcome.

  • Manual recovery is the most common method of cleanup and involves a professional team of workers from North Nig Contracting Ltd. with the knowledge, experience and techniques to overcome such a painstaking process to minimize the environmental impact and company revenue losses caused by spills.

  • Water sales available at Mile 73/KM 72.  Portable water delivery available from Fort St. John